Two Kingdoms vs Transformationalist

Given that some people stay up at night wondering about how the intricacies of the Two Kingdoms approach to culture ┬áplay out I thought I’d point to an article that will help you rest peacefully. And for everyone else who couldn’t give a hoot (or have no idea what Two Kingdoms theology is), just forget I ever wrote this post.

Tim Keller has written a very balanced (and on this issue I think ‘balanced’ is good) article on the current tension in the reformed and evangelical world regarding the mission of the church and the relationship of Christ to culture. Obviously the issues and ‘camps’ being discussed are far more complex and need much further reflection but this article gives a good bird’s eye view of the tension and suggests something of a way forward.


  1. Stephen Murray

    Thanks for the link. I read the article and I really think 2K’s guys need to present themselves better (like Horton says) because I’ve heard 2K’s people explain their view to me almost word for word the same as Keller explains it in his article.

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